UNIQUE is the evolution of our family business, born in the 1950s and passed from generation to generation.

We have always been a point of reference for underwear, sleepwear and high quality beachwear, both for men and women.

We collaborate with more than 30 brands, among the best on the market, with a careful selection of models by size and color, so as to differentiate the sell-out as much as possible.

What has always distinguished us: listening, empathy, sincere and expert advice and a unique service, now also online!

Today we are UNIQUE: Simona and Nicole, both born and raised in the shop, in contact with the public.

A double generational approach, where Nicole interprets the codes of style, fit and communication of the younger targets, while Simona reflects the more adult clientele with the expert advice of those who have spent a lifetime selling this sector.